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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Great Moments in Education

There seems to be a concerted effort to pollute the minds of our kids:
Parents in a small Washington State community are infuriated after their 11-year-old children were given graphic descriptions of oral and anal sex during a sex education class led by an elementary school principal.

Fifth-graders at Onalaska Elementary School were supposed to get a lesson about HIV-AIDS, but the class discussion turned graphic when a child asked about other forms of sexual activity. The principal, who happened to be teaching the class, then told the children about oral and anal sex.

“I’m one pissed off cowboy,” parent James Gilliand told Fox News Radio. “I didn’t appreciate them teaching my daughter – who is innocent of that – at all.”

Gilliland and his wife, Kadra, were among the moms and dads in Onalaska, about 73 miles south of Tacoma, demanding answers from their local school system – and so far – they are still waiting.

“I was just shocked because I trusted my little country school,” Kadra Gilliland told Fox News Radio. “I didn’t think they were going to talk about such things. I trusted by school – that’s the bottom line and they crossed the line.”
Liberals are obsessed with sex and sexual orientation, and the effort to normalize their perversions goes on with the approval and support of government officials.


Larry said...

The parents are the boss -and if my boss demanded an explanation as to why I did something that they adamantly didn't like, and I refused to answer, I'd be fired in a heartbeat.

Nightingale said...

You can talk about every sexual perversion in school, but mention Jesus Christ and the claws come out.

It's time to take back our schools.

Hillbilly Geek said...

People ask "But the schools are fine in our town, why bother to homeschool?"
They are as "fine as the public sector"... it's not the nice teachers, its the system they're stuck in.

Sam L. said...

Next school board election will be hot.