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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gun Control Story of the Day

If Obama can't get your guns, he can go after the place where you learn to shoot them:
The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a citation, along with a proposed fine of $111,000 fine (OSHA press release here), against Illinois Gun Works–a gun store and gunsmith business which has a shooting range and teaches safety classes. HT Instapundit and David Codrea. In a November 2009 article for the NRA magazine America’s 1st Freedom, I warned about the dangers of President Obama’s nomination of David Michaels as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health (head of OSHA), based on Michaels’ well-established record as an anti-gun advocate.

Many of alleged OSHA violations at the safety training range involved noise exposure for the instructors. Among OSHA’s suggestions were to eliminate training in “larger caliber” handguns such as “9 mm Luger and/or .45 Colt” and substitute “handguns of smaller caliber,” such as .22LR. And “Prohibition of any shotguns and/or rifles firing in the firing range.” (p. 6). In other words, eliminate training for all firearms except those which are least likely to have the stopping power to be effective for self-defense. And ensure that the range can never provide students with personal instruction in the use of the firearms which constitute the vast majority of firearms which people actually own.
Read the rest of it here. This is just another type of gun control promoted by those who would take your guns away if they could.

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Larry said...

If they're so worried about noise, then they should make it easier for regular people to buy silencers. That's like complaining about your neighbor's Harley, but telling him he can't put a muffler on it.

On Sep 28, 2011 DHS purchased:

40 caliber, 180 grain, 120,000 rounds or equivalent,

9 mm, 124 grain, 50,000 rounds or equivalent,

.38 caliber, 135 grain, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,

.380 caliber, 90 grain, 6,000 rounds or equivalent,

.223 caliber, 64 grain, 87,500 rounds or equivalent,

12 gauge 00 buck, 15,000 rounds or equivalent,

40 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,

9 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,

.223 caliber frangible, 10,000 rounds or equivalent,

12 gauge 1 oz slug, 7,500 rounds or equivalent

Why didn't they buy any .22LR to protect the hearing of DHS instructors?