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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Independent Voter: I Got Duped

There's a lot of this going on among voters today (from Morning Jolt):
'I Feel Like I Was Somewhat Lied To.' There's a Lot of That Going Around, Sir!

What we're seeing in this focus group is happening, around kitchen tables, barstools, and front steps all across the country:

Last night, veteran Democratic pollster Peter Hart conducted a focus group featuring 12 undecided, ticket-splitting voters in Colorado, which illustrated the tough challenge President Obama faces in winning a second term. He's lost significant ground among these swing voters: Ten of the participants voted for Obama in 2008; only three of them said they leaned towards re-electing him in 2012. In an initial survey taking leaners into account, Mitt Romney led Obama 5-3, with four completely undecided.

Listening to the feedback from the group, it was striking how many of them have grown disillusioned from their own expectations set by Obama's soaring rhetoric from 2008, and the less-inspiring reality that transpired.

After being shown footage of a campaign speech by Obama, the prevailing sentiment was that the president was a slick salesman, but his words didn't match his actions.

"I got duped. I fell under his spell. What he's done with the car industry is the only real success," said Patrick Allen, a 27-year-old health care consultant, who voted for Obama in 2008. "I feel like I was somewhat lied to."

Okay, Governor Romney and those around him. Close the sale.
The real question is, just how wishy-washy are these people? Will be be persuaded by a blatant racial pitch that you know is going to come ("how can you vote against the first black president?"). Have they got the guts to reject the guy who promised rainbows and unicorns in favor of a guy who promises competence and experience? We'll see.


Larry said...

Obama wasn't THAT slick a salesman -these people are just morons who have no idea how gullibly stupid they really are. I'm fine with gullible stupid people ruining their own lives with their own stupid decisions, but when they're bound and determined to pick my president then they have a responsibility to me to either get it right or abstain from voting completely.

I've had it with voters canceling out my vote and then slapping their forehead every time the guy they voted for turns out to be a dud. "It can't get any worse," I was told. "Obama will drill in ANWR" I was assured. Garbage!

It's time we start labeling the stupid gullible morons in this country for what they are, and maybe they'll stay home on election day and stop enabling the politicians who are destroying the country.

Nightingale said...

"What he's done with the car industry is the only real success"

Really?! That was a success?!
That was one of many disasters.

That voter is still a dope.

Larry said...

Exactly Nightingale, even when they think they figured something out they haven't. They'll say today that they won't be fooled again, but come back in two years and they'll be voting in the same morons.