HolyCoast: The Left Had Quite a String of Losses to Celebrate at Their Annual Gathering

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Left Had Quite a String of Losses to Celebrate at Their Annual Gathering

This past weekend the DailyKos crowd gathered in tiny Rhode Island to lick their wounds at the Netroots Nation gathering.  This used to be a big deal where lefty presidential wannabes spoke to the slobbering crowd.  Today they basically slobber alone with the occasional liberal dinosaur like Howard Dean making an appearance.

Jim Geraghty wraps up the current state of the liberal left:
Think of how life must appear over at the Netroots Nation conference just down the road, a gathering once called Yearly Kos. These folks sold their bicycles and knocked on doors and so on to elect Obama in 2008, giving him huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate . . . only to find him expanding drone warfare, bailing on cap-and-trade, failing to negotiate a global climate-change agreement, failing to enact the DREAM Act, forced to extend the Bush tax cuts several times, and overall being barely half the Progressive Ideal that they thought he would be. Oh, and three years later, unemployment is still high and the "recovery" doesn't look all that. Then the Occupy movement came . . . and went. The lice-infested Nazi-endorsed rape campshave been disbanded. Then Wisconsin came along and demonstrated that a Republican governor can enact tough reforms that limit the power of public-sector unions and survive all challenges, and that when given the choice, most government workers would prefer to leave the union and stop paying their dues. Their dream of health-care reform (although let's face it, most of the Netroots would have preferred single-payer) may be struck down by the Supreme Court. And they have a very serious chance of seeing Republicans keep the House, gain the Senate, and win the election of President Romney. Even if Obama is reelected, they're probably going to get four more years of 2011-2012 Obama -- the guy who's been playing defense against Speaker Boehner and the House GOP's cuts -- not the 2009-2010 Obama.
So why should we even try to compromise with these people - they're losers. Their failed ideology needs to be completely disgraced and left on the ash heap of history.


Larry said...

Their failed ideology WAS completely disgraced and left on the ash heap of history, when the Berlin Wall fell.

Sam L. said...

OWS and KosKidz--match made in...somewhere I wouldna wanna go, Cap'n.