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Friday, June 01, 2012

Mitt's Good Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Mitt Romney when it comes to the battle of press events. Romney snuck one by the Obama campaign.

It was known in advance that David Axlerod would hold a press conference on the steps of the Massachusetts Statehouse to try and blast Romney for his record a Massachusetts governor (where he had a 4.7% unemployment rate). A few days before a bunch of Obama's Occupy thugs attempted to interfere with a Romney event at an inner city Philadelphia school. Yesterday the tables were turned when a very vocal pro-Romney crowd showed up in Boston and basically shouted Axlerod down. He got a taste of his own tactics.

The mainstream media, which had no objections to the people shouting at Romney, suddenly found great distaste with the crowd giving Axlerod so much trouble. Tough.

Romney meanwhile showed up without advance announcement on the front steps of Solyndra, Obama's biggest "green energy" debacle. The Northern California Occupy drones that would have probably shown up in big numbers were taken by surprise - only the press traveling with Romney were there. It made for quite a scene with Romney comparing Obama's biggest taxpayer disaster to Romney's record as governor and head of Bain Capital. Game, set and match to Romney.

One thing yesterday showed is that Romney is not John McCain. His campaign is not afraid to fight fire with fire, and he's also willing to make a daring and unexpected move like the Solyndra event. He's not interested in being another "noble loser" like McCain. He wants to do what's necessary to win.

And I think he will.

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Sam L. said...

Looks like Mitt's got his mitts on this campaigning stuff.