HolyCoast: More Bad Polls For Obama

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Bad Polls For Obama

Support from key constituencies is slipping away:
Two new and disturbing polls just out suggest that the road to reelection is getting tougher for President Obama.

In the most significant, Gallup found that union member support for the president is weaker than it was on Election Day. While Obama took 67 of the union vote, according to 2008 election night polling by Peter Hart for the AFL-CIO, Gallup discovered that just 58 percent of union members back the president now. Some 35 percent support Mitt Romney, 5 percent more than Sen. John McCain won in 2008.

Gallup said the union vote is a significant block for Obama, though, “their impact on the presidential race will be limited by their size -- just about 12% of employed voters are union members.”

Rasmussen Reports, found that a majority of likely American voters -- 60 percent -- believe that it is at least somewhat likely that the next president will be a Republican, including 34% who see this scenario as very likely. Among Democrats, 35 percent of likely voters also said Obama would be followed by a Republican.

Rasmussen said that when Obama first took office, just 44 percent thought a Republican would replace him.
Watch for even more desperate measures from Obama to try and win these people back.

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Sam L. said...

I am so saaaaaaadddddd for him. Ayup!