HolyCoast: More Trouble for Obama - Young Voters Tuning Out

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Trouble for Obama - Young Voters Tuning Out

The young voters never turn up in big numbers, but a few more than normal showed up to vote for unicorns and rainbows in 2008, but Obama can't count on them this year:
Nearly four years after enthusiastic younger voters poured into polling booths to help push Barack Obama over the finish line and into the Oval Office, their hope has turned to fear and pollster John Zogby says that they are ready to give up on politics.

“I truly am worried about today's twenty-somethings,” he frets. “They are our global generation and I have seen them move from hope and grand expectations for themselves and their world to anxiety and disillusionment. We can't afford to lose them,” he adds.
A lot of those young people have figured out that despite all of Obama's promises, we aren't all unified, he's not paying our mortgages, car loans, and tuition loans, and pretty much everything he said he do about the wars, Gitmo...etc., haven't happened.

Oh, and when they got their expensive degrees they didn't have jobs to go to. That's gonna leave a mark.

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Sam L. said...

They've wised up. Cost 'em plenty to learn that lesson. They noticed that.