HolyCoast: Obama Comes to L.A. To Tap the GayTM

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obama Comes to L.A. To Tap the GayTM

There was never any doubt that Obama's sudden embrace of gay marriage had more to do with campaign money than an "evolution" in his principles.  Today, just as thousands of hockey fans are making their way to the Staples Center for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, Obama will be arriving to further screw up traffic and take some big bucks from his GayTM:
Whatever political risk President Barack Obama might have taken by unambiguously endorsing same-sex marriage this week, it’s already clear that he’ll reap the benefits of expanding and energizing his Hollywood fund-raising base.

The president already is scheduled to attend an LGBT gala and concert in Beverly Hills on June 6. Now, in addition to that event, The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy and his fiancé David Miller will host a separate dinner that night to raise additional money for the Obama campaign. In the wake of the president's Wednesday endorsement of gay marraige, the event is expected to generate millions of dollars.
Although the tickets for this $40,000 a plate event have probably been sold out for awhile, I would think that Obama donors have to be thinking hard after last night's Wisconsin results about whether $40,000 for Obama is a good investment.

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Sam L. said...

Great headline! Excellent formulation, that GayTM.