HolyCoast: Obama Plans a Litany of Lefty Pipe Dreams For His Second Term

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Obama Plans a Litany of Lefty Pipe Dreams For His Second Term

I guess he's given up on fixing the economy:
President Barack Obama’s priorities in a second term could include tackling climate change, halting nuclear proliferation, bolstering overseas aid and immigration reform, according to his senior advisers.

Although on the campaign trail Obama insists that the central campaign issue is ‘how we build an economy that works for everybody’, White House aides, speaking to the New Yorker in a lengthy article about Obama’s plans for a second term, stressed other themes.

Officials insist that they are not taking Obama’s re-election for granted. But Ryan Lizza, author of the article, revealed that Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff, had told him right at the start of Obama’s presidency ‘that the White House was already contemplating the Presidency in terms of eight years’.
The guy's a lefty ideologue, pure and simple. He can't help himself. He has to work on issues of little or no consequence because that's what liberals do. Results don't matter, only intentions.

But of course, he won't get another four years.


Sam L. said...

Halting nuke proliferation? Say what? He should be talking to, not with, Iran about that. Using words like death, destruction, boils and evil lizard infestations.

Larry said...

"...halting nuclear proliferation..."

Obama has said he wants to reduce AMERICAN warheads to 700-800. Just one more way he plans to save the rest of the world by hamstringing The United States of America.