HolyCoast: Romney Erases Obama's Fundraising Edge

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romney Erases Obama's Fundraising Edge

Matt Lewis thinks Romney's running a pretty competent campaign:
During the primary, Mitt Romney’s boosters always had one compelling argument: “If your main goal was to defeatBarack Obama,” they repeated over and over, “then Romney was the only candidate capable of running a serious, competent, campaign against him.”

Perhaps that argument has been proven right?
As you might have gathered, running a competent campaign includes — demands — the ability to raise a lot of money. In this regard, Romney is already proving his pragmatic boosters correct. As ABC News’ Rick Klein notes,
Mitt Romney is coming off a record-setting, $6 million to $8 million day in Michigan — yes, Michigan — with a super, mega fundraising weekend coming in Utah this weekend. The Obama campaign, meanwhile, filed an FEC report showing it’s already spending more than it’s taking in, to say nothing of the Super PAC disparities. It’s only June, and already Romney has erased, if not reversed, the financial edge of the most prolific fundraiser in American.
He also praises RNC chairman Rance Priebus who has a done a masterful job of running the RNC and making lightning quick responses to Dem attacks. Right now it looks like the GOP team is running on all cylinders.

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Sam L. said...

"RNC chairman Rance Priebus"--I believe that's "Reince".

Running a campaign is like running a business, and we know Mitt can do that.