HolyCoast: Romney's Team Needs To Learn How to Respond Better to Swarming Press

Monday, June 25, 2012

Romney's Team Needs To Learn How to Respond Better to Swarming Press

Read this first and I'll tell you what's wrong:
Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney expressed disappointment Monday with the Supreme Court's ruling on an Arizona immigration law, saying more latitude, not less, should be given to the states.

After he and his staff repeatedly dodged questions on his thoughts on the opinion, Romney finally gave a more specific comment when speaking with reporters on Monday afternoon, according to a pool report.
They should have been ready for this, no matter how it turned out, with one stock answer when the press demanded an immediate response:
The ruling has just been delivered and so far all we know about it is what we read on Twitter and online news sites. That's not enough information to give you a comprehensive answer, so we will be reviewing the decision and once we've had a chance to analyze it we'll respond with a statement.
Just that simple. Don't ever let the press force you into a stammering response because you're not ready yet with the fact, and yet that's pretty much what they did to Romney's press guy earlier in the day.

C'mon Team Romney, it's not that hard (I'm still available if you need help...and you do need help).

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