HolyCoast: Stuxnet Worm a Product of US & Israel

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Stuxnet Worm a Product of US & Israel

I guess the mystery about the development of this destructive computer virus is over:
Cyberattacks on Iranian nuclear program were a US-Israel effort started under the Bush administration and continued by President Obama, The New York Times reports.

The confirmation from Obama-administration officials that Stuxnet was a joint US-operation comes from extracts from a forthcoming book, Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, by David Sanger that's due to be published next week.

The NYT teaser piece reports that Operation Olympic Games was devised as a means to throw sand in the works of Iran's controversial nuclear program. It was initially embarked upon in 2006 without much enthusiasm, as a preferable alternative to withdrawing objections against an Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. There was little faith that either diplomacy or tougher economic sanction would work, especially since the international community might be expected to regard warning about another country developing weapons of mass destruction with extreme scepticism after the Iraq War debacle.
There's another even more destructive worm hitting computers all over the Middle East right now. My guess is it has a similar origin.


Larry said...

Why release such information? This is like when Carter wanted to show what a hawk he was by telling the world they were working on a stealth bomber -the people at Skunk Works were like WTF!?!?

Larry said...

Another thing about this admission; America's cyber war capability had remained an unknown capability. China and Russia have poked and prodded their way into various networks over the years, and their strengths and weaknesses could be measured as a result, but the fact that US stayed quiet left many countries wondering what our capabilities were.

That was a good thing, and it was very stupid to show our hand.