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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tattered Not Torn

That's the title of a new book written by a friend of mine, Patti McLead, who I first met back in 1999 on my quartet's first trip to the Rockport Gospel Music Festival in Rockport, TX.  She and her husband lived in Rockport and sang on the program with a couple of different groups.  I saw them every year thereafter.

In August of 2007 Patti's son, Sgt. Garrett McLead, died in a helicopter crash while serving in Iraq.  Needless to say, it hit all of us who knew them hard.  I wrote about his funeral in a previous post here.

Patti has written this book to talk about how her faith has helped her through the tragedies and triumphs of life.  Here's the description from the publisher:
Tattered Not Torn
Standing Strong Amidst Life's Storms
by Patti McLead

Flags lined the streets as Patti and her family drove to the cemetery. The local shop owners emerged from their offices to watch as they passed by. Children stood on the front lawn, their little hands clinging to the flag their teachers had given them. They were safe. They were going to have a normal day.

But Patti wasn't. Patti was going to bury her son.

In a heartwarming true story of perseverance and confidence in the Lord, author Patti McLead discusses the tragedies in her life and the overwhelming emotions of losing a son in the military. Life had already dealt her a bad hand—losing both parents to violent deaths and losing a brother to drugs. One person should not be given so many burdens to bear, but life kept going, and so did she.

Through faith in Jesus Christ and through the love and care of His people, Patti survived one tragedy after another, eventually surviving the death of her son.

If you are suffering from an unbearable loss, let Patti's determination and optimism inspire you to heal. God is with His children always and is here to help you find the peace and comfort you so desire. Let Tattered Not Torn guide you to a closer relationship with God and the healing He wants you to find.

172 pages - $12.99 (paperback)
You can order your copy through Tate Publishing Co. at this link.  I'm sure you'll be inspired by her story.

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