HolyCoast: Teen Who Had License Just 15 Days Mows Down 8 High School Classmates With His Truck

Monday, June 04, 2012

Teen Who Had License Just 15 Days Mows Down 8 High School Classmates With His Truck

I haven't done a teen driver story for awhile, and this one is a few days old, but as I read the details I knew it fight the criteria for the kind of teen driver stories I've run several times.
The CHP announced Monday June 4 that the driver of the modified pickup truck that plowed into a group of students leaving Hemet High School was speeding at more than 50 mph at the time of crash. Their investigation also ruled out the possibility of brake failure. The case will be forwarded to DA’s office for consideration of criminal charges.

Hemet school district officials said that one student remained hospitalized following a May 30 accident outside Hemet High School.

The student, Helen Richardson, was a freshman at Hemet High this year. She is still in critical condition, said Lucy Rebuck, the district’s top safety director.

Richardson was among eight students who were hit by a truck, driven by 18-year-old Hemet High junior Daniel Carrillo, as they crossed Stetson Avenue at Bulldog Way after school.

Rebuck said that the seven other students who were hospitalized have all been released. Three of those — including Richardson — were originally listed in critical condition with head injuries after the truck ran them over.
It's pretty simple - he was showing off and got himself into a situation beyond his limited driving ability. A classic case of a kid whose ego and equipment overmatched his skills.

I've also seen several stories this week of teens dying in crashes right before their graduation.  What a shame.

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Larry said...

18 year old junior? Did he get held back a year?