HolyCoast: The OC Gets Its Own ACLU Office (Oh Joy!)
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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The OC Gets Its Own ACLU Office (Oh Joy!)

Gordon Dillow of the Orange County Register gives us the good news - the ACLU is coming to town. Apparently we now have enough morons to justify our own branch office. I feel all warm and fuzzy, just like a Kansas wheat farmer watching a cloud of locusts descending on his farm.

And what kind of outstanding legal efforts can we expect to see from the wacky left lawyers:
As you know, the American Civil Liberties Union is the self-styled, supposedly nonpartisan defender of individual rights and freedoms – although as far as I can tell, virtually all of the individuals it defends seem to hail from the liberal side of the aisle. There's hardly a liberal cause or issue that the ACLU doesn't get involved in – and they range from the serious to the downright wacky.

For example, last year the ACLU sued the state of Virginia over a law prohibiting kids from going to nudist camps without their parents. Also last year, it successfully helped fight the deportation of a green-card immigrant who got drunk, blew a red light and injured two people – the argument being that it was not a deportable "crime of violence."

And so on. The ACLU sued Los Angeles County to force it to remove a small cross from its county seal. It fought the display of the 10 Commandments in any public building, and the Megan's Law publication of names and addresses of convicted child molesters. It fought against the FBI looking at records in a library during an anti-terrorist investigation, calling it a violation of privacy rights.
And, as Dillow reports, this won't be the ACLU's first foray into Orange County issues:
The ACLU sued the city of Santa Ana over the installation of traffic diverters – that's right, traffic diverters – and sued the city of Costa Mesa for allegedly discriminating against a lesbian pride parade. It sued an Orange County adoption agency for preferring to place children with "nuclear families" rather than with gay couples.

And currently there's an ACLU lawsuit against the Garden Grove Unified School District on behalf of a 17-year-old high school girl who was suspended for making out with her lesbian girlfriend on campus after the principal repeatedly told her to knock it off – a lawsuit that, even if the school district eventually wins, could cost the district tens of thousands of dollars that otherwise could have been spent on education.
Now, thankfully, every nutjob lefty with a cause will have someplace to go.

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