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Monday, November 07, 2005

Getting Serious About the Mess in France

France is now in the 12th night of its riot season, and as of the last count, some 300 cities were having problems. That, folks, is a big riot. I've been a little flippant with the whole thing - after all, it's happening to the French. But there are serious issues going on here and I want to refer you to somebody who knows what he's talking about.

Fellow SCBA blogger Bill Rice is our resident foreign affairs specialist, and he has been working on this problem and believes that the real issue is the lousy French Socialist economy, and not so much the local Islamic nut problem. He's probably right, and if you'd like to read more about the issues behind the riots, I'd encourage you to review his postings on the subject. Here are the links:

What Safety Net? - French Riots - Nov 1, 2005
French Riots - Continued - Nov 3, 2005
French Riots - A Debate on Reasons - Nov 7, 2005

It's good reading, and will give you a better foundation for understanding the craziness that's going on in France every night.

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