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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Overexposure Headlines of the Day

From Drudge:
BLITZ: Obama Booked As Guest on Letterman LATE SHOW...

Will Do FIVE Sunday Shows...
When do the giant posters and statues start going up around town?


Unknown said...

I am so sick of seeing this overexposed and overated president. I know I am not alone in this opinion. He has had MORE press conferences and interviews in his first 7 months than any president in their entire term. I know that on Sunday I will be watching FOX or any channel except the ones he is on.

Underdog said...

This President is an exposure addict - plain and simple. He thinks that the people are simpletons and will do his bidding just because he appears on television. Not this citizen!

Thanks, Netflix, for allowing me to go on with my life and ignore the One.

Oh. . . and MSM "news" programs act as though they are state controlled. If I wanted to live in Communist Cuba, I would have moved there!

Thank God for the free Internet!