HolyCoast: Barbara Boxer's Approval Rating Only 41%
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Monday, October 05, 2009

Barbara Boxer's Approval Rating Only 41%

Senator Barbara "Dumb-as-a-Box-of-Rocks" Boxer, who has beclowned herself in more ways than I can even count anymore, is losing favor with California voters. Despite the overwhelming lefty lean to this state her approval rating is a dismal 41% with 48% disapproval. This does not bode well for an incumbent, and in many races would probably prompt a primary challenger.

That probably won't happen to Boxer, and she would still have to be a favorite to win in 2010, but given her poor numbers her road to re-election won't be as smooth as you might expect.

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Desert Man said...

She is so obnoxious that I would guess she is on her way out of office. Why voters keep putting her back in office is insane, or maybe they are. She needs to be put in a box and the lid sealed shut.