HolyCoast: Obama's to Begin Their Sixth Summer "Vacation"
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama's to Begin Their Sixth Summer "Vacation"

I put the word "vacation" in quotes at the command of the White House (from Mark Knoller):
Spokesman Bill Burton says reporters should only use the word "vacation" in quotes because a Pres is never really on "vacation."
Funny, when George Bush went to his home in Crawford, TX I don't ever remember the press referring to it as a "vacation".

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Red State Patriot said...

Simple. Vacations in Crawford didn't cost the taxpayers millions when the economy is in the tank - unlike Michelle's little 30 room extravaganza "vacation" this month. His lavish parties with 100# Kobe Beef, continuous "vacations" and "lazer-like" focus on jobs has gained him the criticism and the first Muslim President deserves is all. What a clown!

W is looking extremely good at this point when the Liberal press was screaming about his 5.6% unemployment and deficits of half a billion. Incredible.