HolyCoast: Wacky Left Threatening the Wrong Koch Brothers
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wacky Left Threatening the Wrong Koch Brothers

The wacky left has been bringing the crazy regarding the multibillionaire Koch Brothers since the union thug-led temper tantrum began in Wisconsin a couple of months ago.  The left has attempted to make the rich industrialists into some sort of demons because they support conservative causes and politicians, and in the process have so enraged their unhinged followers that they're even making threats against the wrong Koch Brothers:
A case of mistaken identity has entangled a small family-owned Des Moines company in union protests and led to a death threat.

Angry callers are mistaking Koch Brothers, a Des Moines office supply firm, with the brothers who own Koch Industries, the global energy conglomerate. Billionaires Charles and David Koch have fought Wisconsin unions, financed the tea party and opposed climate change rules.

Dutch Koch, president of the Des Moines company, wants everyone to know he's not one of those Koch brothers, and he's not politically active.

"I initially thought it was humorous to be confused with a multibillionaire," he said, but then a death threat was left on his answering machine. Koch reported the call to the FBI, which he said traced it to a California man.
Well done, you stupid lefties.

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Sam L. said...

Lefties don't do accuracy. One's as good as another. Hey, they're all alike.