HolyCoast: Spike Lee Foolishly Incites Violence By Tweeting Address Of Florida Shooter
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spike Lee Foolishly Incites Violence By Tweeting Address Of Florida Shooter

Except he doesn't actually live there, which means Spike Lee is inviting vandalism and violence against an innocent woman:
Filmmaker Spike Lee made waves on Twitter last week when he re-tweeted to his 200,000 followers (h/t Twitchy) what was thought to be George Zimmerman's home address in Sanford, Florida. Mr. Zimmerman told Sanford police last month that he fatally shot 17 year old Trayvon Martin in self-defense.

However, the Edgewater Circle address Mr. Lee re-tweeted out is not part of the gated Retreat at Twin Lakes where the shooting took place and where Mr. Zimmerman lives. The area is not even a gated a community.

In fact, I took a drive to that Edgewater Circle address that so many on Twitter re-tweeted and cursed, and I discovered through a neighbor, named Tim, who lives across the street from the address, that not only does George Zimmerman not live at the lakeside house but a woman by the name of Elaine does.

According to Tim, a number of news agencies drove through looking for Mr. Zimmerman. While it was not wise at to incite the masses to go to an address he thought was Mr. Zimmerman's to begin with, Mr. Lee should should still "do the right thing" and give the actual resident at the address above some peace and apologize for disrupting her life.
You want your "war on women", there you go. Spike Lee has already done the wrong thing and I doubt he'll make it right. He just doesn't have that much class in him.  If something happens to this lady or her property, Lee is going to find himself in the crosshairs of significant legal action.

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