HolyCoast: Nork Dorks Launch Three-Stage Artificial Reef
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Nork Dorks Launch Three-Stage Artificial Reef

Some headlines and tweets regarding yesterday's latest failure in the North Korean space program that sent their missile into the sea in little pieces (from Jim Geraghty):

North Korea Launches a Three-Stooge Rocket

Zero Hedge: "North Korea is redefining the term, 'minuteman.'"

Patrick Kronin, senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security, remarked dryly, "Next time, we should not have to rely on North Korean technical incompetence for our security."

The endlessly saucy and irreverent Duchess Rebecca: "Imagining Kim Jong-Un sitting alone, crying, listening to 'Rocket Man' on repeat."

Chris Albon: "Dear Kim, Angry Birds Space is not a rocket guidance system."

Cuffy Meh: "CNN guy just said the people of North 'Carolina' are starving."

John Noonan: "So nice to be an Air Force ICBM vet tonight, a stark and cheerful reminder that our missiles actually work."

Andy Levy: "C'mon, NoKo, this isn't rocket science!"

Cameron Gray: "That North Korean rocket broke up faster than Kim Kardashian and . . . fill in the blank."

Ben Howe: "North Korea has Projectile Disfunction."
I'm sure the Norks are hoping that once again will throw some money and food at them to get them to behave, and given our history, we probably will.

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Larry said...

It won't be much reassurance to Hawaii if a DPRK missile has only a one-in-twenty chance of reaching it's target, and the warhead has only a one-in-four chance of detonating.

We will still need:
1. the ability to intercept ICBM's
2. a commander-in-chief with the balls and ability to retaliate