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Sunday, August 07, 2005

AOL News Doesn't Get It

I'm an AOL subscriber, but sometimes I wonder what's going on with those folks back in Vienna, VA. Who's running the news shop back there?

Today, the top story on AOL News is some lady who lost her son in Iraq and showed up at the ranch with 50 friends demanding to see the president. That's the top story of the day? Did anyone at AOL notice the little item about the Russian sub that was rescued, or perhaps Netanyahu resigning from the Israeli cabinet?

I guess not, since they're running a photo of the screaming woman on the opening page of every AOL subscriber's computer as they sign on. And just to give you an idea of where this mom is coming from, read this description of her trip:
Sheehan arrived in Crawford aboard a bus painted red, white and blue and emblazoned with the words, ''Impeachment Tour.'' Sheehan, from Vacaville, Calif., had been attending a Veterans for Peace convention in Dallas.
Gee, I wonder why Bush didn't agree to come out and talk to someone from the Impeachment Tour? By the way, she did get 45 minutes of time from one of Bush's national security advisors, and frankly I think that was a bad idea. Are they now going to be required to meet with every disgruntled American who shows up in Crawford?

UPDATE: This lady's story has dramatically changed - read the update here.

Just a couple of days ago AOL had one of their silly polls running under the headline "Does Bush Take Too Much Vacation". The poll question was something like "can Bush govern properly from the ranch?". What a silly waste of time.

Look, I feel badly for the lady and am sorry for her loss. But staging these "made for TV" moments isn't going to change anything. It's sort of like the time former Senator Max Cleland showed up in Crawford demanding that Bush apologize for something that was said about John Kerry. It was a meaningless moment that only serves to belittle the protester, and doesn't really affect the protestee.

The lady has promised to stay in Crawford until she meets the president. Well good luck with that. When I was in Washington recently there was a guy claiming to be on a hunger strike sitting out on Pennsylvania Avenue, and nobody was paying any attention to him. I wonder how his protest is going these days?

C'mon AOL, this isn't big news, certainly not big enough to make your top headline of the day. I could find bigger stories in about 5 minutes of surfing the web. Maybe you guys ought to check my blog for some ideas.

UPDATE: This makes my day. This post was the subject of a genu-whine liberal hissy fit at this site. I guess he really does take it personally.

What makes this especially entertaining is the fact that the response was so classic. When confronted with ideas that you don't agree with, you have a couple of choices. You can respond with an intellectual, well reasoned argument as to why you disagree, or you can scream, hike your skirts, and start calling the other guy names. Can you guess which way this guy went?

Instead of responding with some form, any form, of logic, he went with his emotions. My post was "cold" and he was "seething". Poor baby. The blogger and one of his lefty friends tried to post a comment on this site, but sadly for them, they didn't make the grade and were subject to comment abortions.

The response he posted is one of the best examples of the definition of liberalism that I posted here. Another great reason why liberals should never be entrusted with positions of power.

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