HolyCoast: Black "Leaders" to Campaign Against Lieberman

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Black "Leaders" to Campaign Against Lieberman

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Self-appointed black "leaders" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have decided to abandon the Dem party's 2004 Vice Presidential candidate and throw their support to his primary opponent:

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will hit the trail today in support of the man challenging Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

"I think Joe Lieberman is a nice and decent man . . . but his policies are not what the party ought to be standing for," Sharpton told The Post yesterday. (Yeah, the nutroots certainly don't want anyone nice and decent in office - HC)

"He has been much more aligned with George Bush" on specific issues than he should be, Sharpton said.

Lieberman and fellow Democrat Ned Lamont are in a neck-and-neck race, where Lamont has harnessed liberal voters' anger over the senator's support for the Iraq war.

If you look at Lieberman's voting record, just about the only area in which he's aligned with Bush is the war in Iraq. In every other way he's a classic liberal Dem.

Frankly, I'm not sure whether this campaign by Sharpton and Jackson will help or hurt Lieberman. Throwing their support to One-Note Ned might actually backfire on them in a state that's nearly 75% non-Hispanic whites, 10% Hispanics, and only 9% black (2000 census numbers).

UPDATE: Just to show you how wacky it's gotten in Connecticut, this photo of Joe Lieberman was run this morning at nutroots site The Huffington Post. Unbelievable. It has since been withdrawn without explanation or apology. You can see the original screen shot here. (h/t Little Green Footballs):

Maybe this will swing Jackson and Sharpton back over to Lieberman's side.

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