HolyCoast: All the Sudden the Press Is Interested in a Candidate's Religion

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All the Sudden the Press Is Interested in a Candidate's Religion

Funny, nobody seemed to care about Obama's wacky pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but now the media has suddenly become obsessed with Rick Perry's Christianity.  This section caught my eye:
I see a fundamental inconsistency between Perry’s concerted opposition to government social programs and his promotion of himself as a Christian politician. When asked about the impact of Texas’s low-tax, low-service policies on the poor, he suggested that people who wanted more government services could find them in New York or California.

Christ teaches us to feed the hungry and care for the sick, not to abandon them. Perhaps Gov. Perry hasn’t read that part of the Bible where Christ admonishes us to care for “the least among us.”
It's amazing how non-Christians suddenly become such Bible scholars when they're talking about a conservative's religion. I've seen it happen on this site lots of times as non-Christians attempt to lecture me about how I'm supposed to act...according to their limited knowledge of the faith.

The paragraphs above are a classic example. Yes, Jesus counseled his followers to care for the poor, but he meant for people to do it with their own resources and generosity, not as an instrument of the state. Jesus' admonition to care for the poor was not directed at the government but the individual. It's funny to think that the same crowd that gets the vapors anytime someone says a prayer at a high school graduation would promote the idea that the government should care for the poor because Jesus said to.

Perry's religion will be a constant theme during the campaign - get used to it.

And how nervous does Perry make the lefty media?  They're now trying to sell Republicans on the idea that Ron Paul is mainstream.  Yeah....right.

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Larry said...

There's a huge difference between how the press views politicians who attend inner-city black Baptist churches versus those who attend predominantly white Evangelical churches. One is quaint yet fun, while the other is wierd and scary.