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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battling the Race-Obsessed

It's pretty clear now that whoever goes on to be the GOP nominee will face daily assaults from the left as they struggle to find racism in every speech, comment, photo or gesture.  Since Rick Perry seems to be the go-to Republican right now, their attacks are aimed at him, and as today's example will show, there's no depths to which the left will not go for a cheap shot.

Rick Perry gave a speech yesterday in Iowa in which he described the national debt as a "black cloud hanging over America"  MSNBC selectively edited the piece to make it appear that Perry was referring to Obama as the "black cloud".  Breitbart TV has the details here.

Other lefty media picked it up without bothering to check the actual videotape and voila, you have racism charges aimed at Perry.  Hours after the charge was proven false MSNBC shows were still making the charge.

How could a so-called professional news organization get something like this so wrong?  Because it fits their preconceived notion about Southern Republicans.  The story becomes "too good to check".  He's a conservative so it must be true.

And if the story is ever corrected, what do you think the reaction will be from those who got it wrong in the first place?  They'll claim the story may be incorrect, but it probably accurately reflects Perry's attitude toward Obama.  In other words, it's fake but accurate, the same line Dan Rather tried to use when he was caught phoneying up the George W. Bush Air National Guard story in 2004.

We've seen this mindset ever since Obama became a serious candidate for president and it's really not that hard to understand once you know something about the people who propagate this stuff.  The people who bought into the whole rainbows and unicorns persona, the Obamessiah complex, cannot even conceive in their stilted world view that someone could oppose Obama on policy grounds.  Therefore any opposition must be rooted in racism.  Any other reasoning is simply an excuse used to cover up the underlying racism.

That's how they look at things, and that's the mindset they will have throughout the 2012 campaign.  They're poor simpleminded creatures and I'd have pity for them if their worldviews were not so destructive.

Rick Perry is the governor of a very racially diverse state.  He's been re-elected several times...easily...and there's no way that happens if someone is truly a racist.  Not in the 21st century, anyway.  Democrats made it work in the South for generations in the 20th century, but that's another story.

I'm guessing that Perry, like me, is racially-indifferent.  In other words, I don't care about your race.  It doesn't matter in how I think about you or how I will interact with you.  Frankly, I'm closer to Martin Luther King Jr.'s ideal of a color-blind society than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton ever will be.  Those guys have made their living sowing racial divisions in America.  I doubt if MLK Jr. would have anything to do with either of them today.

He and I would probably get along great.

False accusations like this will be a nearly daily occurrence until the election.  As I tweeted earlier:
Today's political debate consists of race-indifferent conservatives being accused of racism by race-obsessed liberals. Bizarre.
The good news is that liberals have cheapened the word "racist" that it no longer carries the sting it once did. Once all opposition to Obama had to be racist, the word became meaningless. Consequently, even frequent accusations against Perry will have little effect. Those inclined to believe it will have their phobias justified, and those who view charges of racism with suspicion will ignore them.

It'll all work out in the end.

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