HolyCoast: Does Anybody Really Know What's Going on in Libya?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Does Anybody Really Know What's Going on in Libya?

No, and that's why I haven't spent any time writing about it in the last day or so.  There are so many conflicting reports, and we still haven't even figured out the proper spelling for Gadaffi's name.  I've seen it done four or five different ways.

The news over there has spawned some pretty funny tweets, and the Daily Caller collected what they're calling their top 10 so far:
10. farhanmasood: BREAKING: Gaddafi captured for 9th time, after being killed 6 times Whoa!!

9. robinenergy: Do you think the plagiarism will be brought up at Saif’s ICC trial

8. tomgara: Gaddafi packing bags, aides say there will be spoons at the compound in Algiers. Gaddafi insisting he needs to pack the SPECIAL SPOONS.

7. mcmoynihan: I wonder which of the Qaddafis will hire Ramsey Clark.

6. michellemalkin: So one of Qaddafi’s sons has been arrested. What about Cynthia McKinney? #libya

5. sethmeyers21: Gaddafi is ousted but Qaddafi fights on. No one can find Gadhafi.

4. jeffjarvis: I’m waiting for S&P to downgrade #libya.

3. RyanLizza: Either the warfare in the streets of Tripoli looks oddly like US cops macing wedding party in suburbs or MSNBC has no live coverage of Libya.

2. greggutfeld : Watching all of gadafi’s sons get arrested makes me think he was also a lousy dad.

1. NoahPollak : I guess Gaddafi is never gonna make General.
My favorite of the day didn't make the list:
@knifework: I'll believe Gaddafi is dead when his body is dumped in the ocean and his death photo isn't released.
There will be more.

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