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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Economic Quote of the Day

The left is telling us how great massive government spending is, and the thing they keep pointing to (must be a in a DNC talking point) is Hoover Dam and all the benefits that have come from that.  George Will had a thought on ABC's This Week:
You referred to the Hoover Dam, great achievement of the '30s. You couldn't build the Hoover Dam today because they'd discover a snail darter in the Colorado River and would stop it.

A non-government item that comes to mind from the 30's is the Empire State Building. The whole thing went up in 18 months. The 9/11 attacks were almost 10 years ago and we still don't have completed buildings at Ground Zero. You couldn't build another Empire State Building in 18 months today - just getting through all the regulatory hurdles and environmental impact statements would probably take five years all by themselves.

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Sam L. said...

Won't need a snail darter. There are many different shades of green amongst the greenies, and they will be firing at each other on differing grounds.