HolyCoast: Jon Huntsman, the DNC's New Favorite Boy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman, the DNC's New Favorite Boy

If you want to be popular in politics, especially with the media, there's no better way than to be a Republican who blasts other Republicans:
Jon Huntsman's appearance on ABC's "This Week," is winning applause from one of the two major political parties. It's not the one Huntsman's hoping to represent as its nominee for president.

The Democratic National Committee just blasted out a greatest-hits reel from Huntsman's Sunday show appearance, wherein the former Utah governor criticized Rick Perry for being anti-science, Michele Bachmann for being unserious about the economy and Mitt Romney for being a flip-flopper.
Huntsman is surely feeling quite proud of himself since a couple of days ago nobody was paying attention to him at all.

I suspect that Huntsman is setting himself up for a party switch. The media will blast the Republicans for being "too extreme" for people like Huntsman, and suddenly Huntsman will be the icon for moderation (and RINOism).  He's not going to win the nomination, but Obama might be looking for somebody to replace Joe Biden on the ticket next year. Why not Huntsman?

That could be the endgame in all of this.

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Joe Sylvester said...

Criticizing other people in your party... also known as a primary election.