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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Read Misreads Obama

First Read, a political blog from NBC News, missed it on this one:
It’s pretty transparent whom Obama wants to run against next year: You think the White House is seeing the influence of the Tea Party on the campaign trail -- and is loving every minute of it? You better believe it. While President Obama is happy to poke Mitt Romney (for his health-care law), he declined to take a shot at Rick Perry for criticizing Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and for bringing up Obama’s lack of military experience. In an interview with CNN, “Obama said presidential candidates have ‘got to be a little more careful’ about what they say. But as Perry had just entered the race over the weekend, Obama said, he will ‘cut (Perry) some slack’ for the moment.” Cut him some slack? Whom does Obama want to run against next year? It’s pretty transparent…
They really believe Obama wants to take on Rick Perry instead of Mitt Romney? That's nuts.

Before Perry announced word went out that the White House was planning a major blitz against Romney with the intent to demonize him and destroy his campaign. They clearly were confident that they could push Romney aside. I don't see that level of confidence in regards to Perry. He's got them worried.

Had the White House come out right at the beginning with relentless attacks on Perry that desperation would have quickly become obvious. I think the enthusiasm from the GOP threw them off and now they're trying to figure out how they'll tackle this.

I guarantee you they don't want to face this guy because he does something Mitt Romney will never be able to do - inspire the conservative base. He's also shown a history of appealing to moderates and independents. He instantly electrified the primary race, something else Romney couldn't do.

Let's see how excited they are about Perry a year from now.

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Larry said...

About a month ago the Obama admininstration was supposedly terrified of running against Jon Huntsman.

Here's what a threat he is.

New Hampshire primary: 3%
Wisconsin primary: 1%
Rasmussen: 1%
Colorado primary: 2%
North Carolina primary: 1%
CNN: 4%
FOX: 2%
McClatchy/Marist: 2%
USA Today/Gallup: 2%