HolyCoast: Perry Sends the Environwackos Off the Rails

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perry Sends the Environwackos Off the Rails

How?  Because he doesn't think the US should waste money fighting something that isn't happening:
Rick Perry says he does not believe in global warming. The newest Republican presidential candidate also says he would not have signed the debt-ceiling compromise brokered by Republicans and Democrats.

The Texas governor made the comments as he launched a two-day New Hampshire campaign tour. He was speaking at a packed breakfast event with business leaders Wednesday.

Perry said global warming is based on scientists manipulating data. He said he wouldn't devote federal resources to battling the environmental concern.
Of course, when you see a journalist use the term "global warming" he's talking about man-made warming. We know the Earth has warmed and cooled many times throughout its history without our help.

Perry is right, and you can click on the ClimateGate label below for more posts on the fraudulent science that has driven liberals to promote all kinds of stupid ideas like carbon credits.

Even if the Earth was currently in a warming cycle, there's nothing we could do about it and wasting federal resources on it is stupid.  Besides that, the Earth tends to work in cycles and is a remarkably self-regulating system.  It'll cool down again.

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Nightingale said...

Finally someone with the guts to tell everyone the emperor has no clothes.