HolyCoast: Obama, Earthquake and Hurricane - Strike Three for DC!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obama, Earthquake and Hurricane - Strike Three for DC!

As I was out running around I heard a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had hit the Washington DC area and everything  was shutting down.  Capitol Hill, the Pentagon...even JFK Airport in NYC, 200 miles away!

Boy, those East Coasters are a bunch of wimps.  In California a 5.8 wouldn't even make me look up from my computer.

No, the earth did not open up and swallow the town, but there's a 5% chance that quake was a foreshock so there's still hope.

However, it was a big deal for them and I'm sure a celebrity telethon is now in the planning to pay for all their psych treatment bills.

Obama has been enough of a disaster in that town, then you have an earthquake, and this weekend a possible hurricane.  Strike three.

In honor of today's quake, I'll rerun my earthquake story posting for your amusement:
At 4:57 am on June 28, 1992 I was fast asleep when the house decided to start doing the fandango. The pitch black pre-dawn morning suddenly began flashing bright white and black again as transformers starting going off around the area. The 7.3 Landers earthquake was on.
Landers is about 80 miles or so as the crow flies from my house, but with a 7.3 shaker, that's not very far. We were really getting a ride.
We had two small children at the time, 3 and barely 1, and my wife, being the wonderful mother she is, immediately leaped out of bed and ran down the hallway as the transformers flashed to get to my 1 year old son's room.
Me, being the wonderful father that I am, immediately leaped out of the bed and ran over and held onto the entertainment center.
Hey, we can have more kids but that TV was expensive!
Sad to say, yes, it's true. And by the way, that wasn't the last large earthquake that day. At 8:05 we had a 6.4 quake in Big Bear that though not as strong, was closer to us and shook us just about as hard and as long.

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