HolyCoast: People Getting Prescriptions for Aspirin and Advil Thanks to Obamacare

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People Getting Prescriptions for Aspirin and Advil Thanks to Obamacare

Of course, you don't need a prescription buy aspirin or Advil, but thanks to new Obamacare rules, many are getting prescriptions for them in order to avoid new taxes:
Doctors at East Louisville Pediatrics PSC in Kentucky say they’re writing as many as 50 prescriptions a day for drugs such as Bayer AG’s aspirin and Pfizer Inc.’s Advil that don’t need a physician’s nod to be purchased off pharmacy shelves.

The trend, triggered by the 2010 health-care law, affects more than 20 million Americans with flexible spending or health savings accounts that let them use pretax dollars for medical needs. A U.S. rule that took effect Jan. 1 taxes purchases of over-the-counter drugs except for insulin unless the patient has a prescription,generating $5 billion through 2019, according to the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

Doctors, pharmacists, insurers and drug companies say while it may generate money to help expand coverage for the uninsured, the measure is driving up medical costs and creating unnecessary work. They want it repealed, expecting demand to surge at year’s end, when people have to use up balances in the accounts.

“It’s a complete waste of time,” said Conrad Flick, one of five physicians at Family Medical Associates of Raleigh in North Carolina, in a telephone interview. In many cases, he said, he’ll talk with patients by phone to determine why they want the drug before he feels comfortable writing the prescription. “So I’m spending an extra half-hour or hour of my day doing things that I don’t get paid for,” he said.

Administrative costs from the new provision are growing, said Diane Myers, administrator for the East Louisville practice that has eight doctors and two nurse practitioners who write prescriptions. “I bet we’re spending a minimum of 10 hours a week on these things,” she said.
And in some cases the patient is having to pay for doctor visits they don't need in order to get these prescriptions, all of which dramatically increase the cost of health care.

There's nothing about Obamacare that will reduce health care costs...well, expect maybe for the death panels.

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Sam L. said...

We had to pass it so we could read it to find out what's in it...and there's a whole lot of crap in it.