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Monday, August 22, 2011

Political Thought For the Day

After having a bit of a Twitter argument with a professional grumpy Libertarian who insisted he could not support Rick Perry, I suggested to him that he must prefer four more years of Obama.  He replied that he would not support Obama, but would vote for someone else (probably a Libertarian) instead because he "would rather "waste my vote" on principle" than waste it on a candidate wholly unqualified for office".

That prompted this tweet from me a bit later:
Voting 4 Libertarian Prez candidate must be like being a Mondale '84 voter...except Mondale actually managed to win a state.
Libertarians won't win anything. The wise man realizes that the next president will be either Obama or the GOP nominee. The pragmatic approach therefore is to vote for the person closest to your political principles WHO HAS A CHANCE TO WIN. Otherwise, just stay home.  Certainly your election night will be nice and short if you're a Libertarian because your candidate will be mathematically eliminated before the polls close.

There will never be a perfect GOP candidate (though Obama might have been the perfect Dem candidate in 2008). Waiting for perfection is a waste of time. It's kind of like planning your finances around a future winning lottery ticket.

However, we're all going to have to hope for that winning ticket if Obama wins again because it may take a wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a hamburger.  And your taxes?  Forget about it.

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