HolyCoast: Uh-Oh, Sarah Palin to Make "Major Announcement" in Iowa on Sept. 3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Uh-Oh, Sarah Palin to Make "Major Announcement" in Iowa on Sept. 3

Not good:
Sarah Palin is either laying the groundwork for an imminent entry into the presidential race or having a whole lot of fun toying with political analysts.

Though the buzz surrounding a possible "mama grizzly" bid was until recently fading, the former Alaska governor kicked it back up with her "One Nation" bus tour through Iowa earlier this month. It just happened to coincide with the Ames Straw Poll and politics-rich Iowa State Fair.

She stoked the speculative fire once again on Friday, posting a slickly produced video of her trip on the SarahPAC website. In the video, which included shots of Palin interacting with the crowd interspersed with giddy media commentary, the narrator declared the ex-governor is still "grabbing the attention of Iowans and, yes, the media."

The real tease came at the end, with a written reminder to Iowans that Palin will "see you again" on Sept. 3. That's when Palin is expected to deliver a speech at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa.

Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told FoxNews.com he doesn't know what Palin will do at the rally, but that "all we're being told is that she's going to make a major announcement."
Three years ago I was as thrilled as anyone that she was giving the running mate job on McCain's ticket. She was the only reason I could hold my nose and vote for McCain.

However, now I wish she'd stay out of it. Paul Ryan made that decision today, and it was a smart one. Palin will effectively be Mitt Romney's running mate if she gets in because she'll split the conservative vote and end up giving primary victories to Romney. Since the Northeastern primaries are almost all winner-take-all contests that could hand him the nomination (that's pretty much how McCain got it last time).

Rick Perry can win.  I just don't think Sarah Palin can.

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