HolyCoast: A Campaign of Distractions

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Campaign of Distractions

Issues are a problem for Democrats, and that's why it's important for voters to be distracted:
If the 2012 election is run on the issues, the GOP will win in a landslide. The Left’s strategy for avoiding this outcome is to create as many distractions as possible. We saw it first with the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party poses a serious threat to liberalism. It is the most authentic grass-roots political movement of the last half-century, and its emphasis on limited government, fiscal responsibility and individual freedom resonates with most Americans. The last thing the Left wants to do is debate limited government and fiscal responsibility, so instead it resorted to demonization, with the absurd claim that the Tea Party is racist. False though it was, the smear campaign probably influenced some unsophisticated voters.

Now the Republican presidential race is taking shape, and again voters are hearing themes that appeal to most Americans; not only that, they are seeing candidates who, in most cases, know how to make sense without a teleprompter. That will never do. So, once again, the Left is resorting to distraction–anything to make the news cycle focus on something other than the message of the Republican candidates.
Read the rest of it here.  And remember it every time the press asks a Republican candidate about creationism, Gardisil, prayer in school, global warming, or anything else that doesn't really matter right now.  GOP candidates must stick to what's important, and that's jobs and the economy.

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