HolyCoast: Gospel Singer Jessy Dixon Dies at 73

Monday, September 26, 2011

Gospel Singer Jessy Dixon Dies at 73

I'm very sorry to hear this:
He was full of energy as a performer and a successful singer and songwriter. Jessy Dixon, who introduced his spirited style of gospel music to wider audiences by serving as pop singer Paul Simon's opening act, died Monday. He was 73.

Miriam Dixon said her brother died Monday morning at his Chicago home. She said he had been sick but declined to provide additional details.

During a more than 50-year career, Dixon wrote songs for several popular singers, including jazz and rhythm and blues singer Randy Crawford. He later wrote songs performed by Cher, Diana Ross, Natalie Cole and Amy Grant.

But it was for his gospel singing - religious music that combined the rhythmic beat of blues, jazz and soul - that Dixon first gained attention. It was during an appearance at the Newport Jazz Festival in 1972 with his Jessy Dixon Singers that Dixon first came to Simon's attention. For the next eight years, Dixon toured with the pop icon, collaborating on Simon's "Live Rhymin' Simon" and "Still Crazy" albums.

Dixon also played keyboard with Earth Wind and Fire and guitarist Phillip Upchurch.
For the past 20 years or so Dixon has been best known as an artist regularly featured on the Gaither Homecoming videos and concerts, but the first time I saw him was in the late-70's as a guest artist at Melodyland Christian Center in Anaheim. He was brought in as a guest on a couple of the big musicals we did back then.

Very talented guy - he'll be missed.

One of my favorite songs of his was "Wait 'Til You See My Brand New Home".  Well, he's seeing it now and I hope it's everything he sang about.

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