HolyCoast: Democrats Can't "PASS THE BILL!!" Because No Democrat Will Put His Name on It

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Democrats Can't "PASS THE BILL!!" Because No Democrat Will Put His Name on It

For those who never watched Schoolhouse Rock, the president cannot submit legislation on his own to the House.  A member must put their name on it and introduce it as his or her bill.  So far, no Democrats are willing to do that with Obama's jobs bill (from Daily Caller):
Where's the bill? -- Just a couple of days after Hoffa's historic speech, Obama commanded Congress to pass his phony-baloney "jobs bill." And, as he told them repeatedly, they needed to do it "right now." Except at that point there was no actual bill, in terms of a physical object made of paper and ink, as is customary. Details, details. So, how is Congress doing with that whole thing? TheDC's Nicholas Ballasy reports: "Republican Rep. James Lankford of Oklahoma told The Daily Caller on Friday that no House Democrat wants to put his or her name behind President Obama’s $447 billion jobs plan, a necessary step before the legislation can be introduced for consideration. He also claimed the bill would not lower the current 9.1 percent unemployment rate. 'The focus right now from him [Obama] is "pass my whole bill, pass my whole bill," [and] some of the struggle with that is no Democrat in the House has even taken his bill and filed it yet. So we can't even pass the bill because no one wants to put their name on it and say, "this is my bill" and file it in the House,' said Lankford in a September 23 interview at the U.S. Capitol." Gee, it's almost like Obama requested a joint session of Congress so he could make a big show of being purposely deceitful, playing games with American jobs in a desperate attempt to gain leverage over his political opponents. Four more years!
If this is ever introduced they won't be able to call it the "American Jobs Act" because that name was taken by a Republican congressman when Obama's bill never showed up.

Oh, and Harry Reid wants to go on vacation first so the Senate won't be looking at it either.  With friends like that Obama doesn't need GOP enemies.

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Sam L. said...

Gee! And he was so GOOD to the Demo leaders, letting them write and pass Obamacare!