HolyCoast: Most Corporate Leaders Are Economic Heroes, Not Evil Bad Guys

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Most Corporate Leaders Are Economic Heroes, Not Evil Bad Guys

A wealthy Washington businessman pleads with Obama to knock off the class warfare:
Economic Success has somehow become the new boogie man; some in the Democratic party are now casting about for enemies and business leaders and anyone who has achieved success in terms of rank or fiscal success is being cast as a bad guy in a black hat. This is counter to the American Dream and is really turning off so many people that love American and basically carry our country on their back by paying taxes and by employing people and creating GDP.

This is a bad move all designed by some pollster who said this is the way to get votes during the re-election. It should be stopped. We should be healing and creating teams NOT dividing and pitting people against one another.

I know the President isn’t speaking to me specifically when he talks but many times I hear stuff and I cringe personally. As a friend told me the other day who lives in China, “Every time your President talks of late, it costs us billions in market cap and in confidence in your country and your economy.” Why do we devalue success in the US when the rest of the world is trying to emulate what we have created as an economic system?

So for fun: I take the Acela train to Philly and NYC all of the time. Alone - no traveling companions to prep me. I have never seen our President on the train, have you? I own 50 hours on NetJets for the rare occasion I do travel by private plane. Does Air Force One charter out? Stop making private planes an issue. This is a tiny issue for us to deal with for our country.

I do have a nice home with a house keeper. I have only one home. I bet there is more staff at the White House though? And Camp David. What kind of real estate tax is the White House paying? Nice jewelry here. Click away. Stop it. Upgrade the discourse.

With my investments and board seats and companies that I own, I am at a leadership position in concerns that employ more than 200,000 people. We do our best to be good corporate citizens. I know in the companies that I own personally or am the largest shareholder that we support now more than 500 charities. We care. Pick some business leaders that you work with and make them heroes. Don’t demonize them. Showcase them as great Americans that care and hire and employ people. Employment is the biggest issue you will face when re-election comes. If people aren’t working, they will blame you and your administration. And since you have never worked before in a real job for a real company, you need help from people who have been there. Don’t push them away!
So, with access to private jets and great wealth in multiple corporations, this guy is obviously an evil Republican who just wants to squash the little guy. Uh, no:
I voted for our President. I have maxed out on personal donations to his re-election campaign. I forgot his campaign wants to raise $1 billion. THAT is a lot of money–money–money–money! Money still talks. It blows my mind when I am asked for money as a donation at the same time I am getting blasted as being a bad guy!

Someone needs to talk our President down off of this rhetoric about good vs. evil; about two classes and math.
What amazes me is that a smart guy like Ted Leonsis can continue to support Obama even though its clear Obama doesn't know what he's talking about and is completely incompetent in the job. This guy wouldn't tolerate that level of incompetence from any of his employees, and yet he's willing to return him to the White House for another four years.

Love is blind.

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Larry said...

Leonsis owns the Washington Capitals and the Wizards along with the Verizon Center where the two teams play. Obama sat court-side at one of the Wizards games, I think it was last season, right next to Mr. Leonsis -so it comes as no suprise that he supports Obama. What's interesting is that Leonsis blames "some pollster who said this is the way to get votes". This lets Obama off the hook while still making the point.

Washington is a very liberal city (duh!), and part of Leonsis' success is that he has gotten good at making nice with liberals who want nothing more than to hold him upside-down by his ankles and shake vigerously until all his money has fallen out of his pockets.