HolyCoast: Mocking God Now An Accepted Dem Strategy

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mocking God Now An Accepted Dem Strategy

DailyKos founder Markos tweeted this on Tuesday. DailyKos is a central source for Dem talking points - it pretty much reflects the thinking of the party.  Markos thinks he's mocking Rick Perry, but look a little closer:
@markos: Looks like Perry wasn't able to pray the fire away.

@markos: Remember Perry's reaction to fires earlier in the year? A resolution asking god to help. http://is.gd/ki4Ooe. Theocracy doesn't work.
So, if God sent a tropical storm across Texas that put out the fires and ended the drought, would Markos suddenly become a believer? Of course not.

I thought Joshua Trevino had a good response:
@jstrevino: Rick Perry prays for rain to fall, Barack Obama prays for unemployment to fall. Thing is, it will eventually rain.
And Jim Geraghty piled on:
@jimgeraghty: Hey, @markos, CNN is showing Texans responding to seeing the remains of their burned houses. I'm sure you'll find it good for some laughs.

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