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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Political Quote of the Day

From liberal columnist Richard Cohen:
“Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to a number of events in the Hamptons. At all of them, Obama was discussed. At none of them — that’s none — was he defended. That was remarkable. After all, sitting around various lunch and dinner tables were mostly Democrats. Not only that, some of them had been vociferous Obama supporters, giving time and money to his election effort. They were all disillusioned. Let me call the roll. I am talking about are writers and editors, lawyers and shrinks, Wall Street tycoons and freelance photographers, hedge funders and academics, run-of-the-mill Democrats and Democratic activists. They were all politically sophisticated, and just a year ago some of them were still vociferous Obama supporters. No more.”
The Hamptons in the summer is like liberal Disneyland. If Cohen can't find anyone to defend Obama among that group, Obama is in big trouble.

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Nightingale said...

Yeah, but are they disillusioned because of his damaging, unsustainable policies? Or are they disillusioned because Obama hasn't gone hard enough to the left?