HolyCoast: Pennsylvania May Split Their Electoral Votes

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pennsylvania May Split Their Electoral Votes

I'm not so sure this is a good idea:
PA Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi wants to allot Pennsylvania’s electoral college votes on a congressional district by district basis, rather than the current system of winner take all.

In a state like Pennsylvania, where Democratic candidates for President have won every election since 1988, it could be a way for Republicans to avoid a total loss.

Pileggi says he wants to change that “winner-take-all system,” and guide the system used in Maine and Nebraska through Pennsylvania’s Legislature this fall, before the 2012 presidential votes are cast. Republicans in both chambers say the bill has a strong chance of moving fast enough to be approved for next year.

“The system we have now, is a winner-take-all system, the system I am proposing would more precisely conform the electoral college to the popular vote and it would make the presidential election more relevant across the state, give voters more of a sense that they are active participants in the presidential election.”
If it was a sure thing Obama would win Pennsylvania, I'm sure the GOP would be glad to take some of those electoral votes. But like all plans like this, it can turn around and bite you. With Obama's plunging approval numbers, even Pennsylvania won't be that safe for him. We could end up giving him 10 electoral votes he wouldn't have otherwise received.

Personally, I think the system was fine the way it was originally set up and we should leave it alone.

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