HolyCoast: Today is HolyCoast.com's 7th Anniversary!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today is HolyCoast.com's 7th Anniversary!

Yep, seven years and 24,760 posts covering a host of subjects and events since this day in 2004.  The first post dealt with Rathergate and the bogus Texas Air National Guard letters that attempted to smear President Bush's re-election campaign.  Today we're heading into our third presidential race with the primaries only a few months away.  The political scene has never been more volatile - always something to make you think, make you laugh, or make you mad.

I don't make a habit of asking for donations, except during the anniversary week, so if you'd like to participate in support for this site, you can click on the button at right or click here.  If you'd like to spread it out you can get a $10 month subscription at the button on the right sidebar.  Your support is appreciate and it reminds me there are actually people out there reading this stuff and finding it useful.

And if you'd like to get something in return for your donation other than just my snarky comments, consider purchasing The Crimson River Quartet album you see in the righthand sidebar.  Good Southern Gospel music featuring the bass singer.

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Laura said...

Sincere congratulations to one of my favorite blogs! I check your site daily and always enjoy it. :) Here's to many more years of successful blogging!

Best wishes,

Rick Jensen said...

Congrats to you Rick on a fine 7 years!! I always enjoy reading HC and having you on weekly on the show!HC is awesome show prep for us. Pretty amazing that my 2 favorite bloggers are celebrating milestones with in a few days of each other. Rob Port and SayAnything just celebrated 8 years last Saturday. You guys are the best!!