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Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Report From the Front

Welcome to the end of civilization, at least in South Orange County and San Diego County. I just drove from my home to San Juan Capistrano to pick up my wife. We have power at home, but just south of us everything is out.

It took over 90 minutes to make a trip that normally takes 15. The southbound I-5 is a nightmare with huge back-ups at every exit. All surface street lights are out, and as night falls it's getting treacherous out there.

Every gas station within a half mile of the freeway is jammed...assuming it has power.  News helicopters are hovering overhead filming the carnage, and this is only the beginning.

I spoke to an Orange County Sheriff's motorcycle cop who works in San Clemente and he heard it could be 36-48 hours before power is back on in SDG&E areas.  If you own a sports shoe store in parts of the affected area you might as well go ahead and file a claim now. They always get the sneakers first.

Long, hot night ahead for about 2 million people.

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