HolyCoast: Tea Partiers, Don't Bother Asking for Hoffa's Resignation

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tea Partiers, Don't Bother Asking for Hoffa's Resignation

Demands for resignations really bug me. It happens every time somebody does something their political enemies don't like and it's completely counterproductive.

John Boehner told Obama he couldn't schedule his joint session speech the same time as the GOP debate and several foolish lefties demanded Boehner's resignation. Meaningless.

Yesterday Jimmy Hoffa made violent threats against the Tea Party and the GOP in a speech preceding Obama's and today I'm reading that some Tea Partiers are calling for Hoffa's resignation. Get serious, people. Hoffa will resign the same way his father did - with a double tap to the back of the head and a concrete burial in some stadium construction project. Until then, let him spew. He's our best friend in the labor movement because he reminds everyone that at its core labor is just a bunch of thugs.

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