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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bill Clinton: Me, Me, Me!

As Bill Clinton watches another Democrat president completely tank the economy, he thinks he deserves more credit for his time in office:
Bill Clinton thinks he deserves more credit for reforming welfare and balancing the budget.

“I go crazy every time I read the conventional wisdom,” he said Friday night at his presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. “So part of the Republican narrative is that I was ‘saved’ from myself by the election of the Republican Congress [in 1994] that ‘forced me’ to do welfare reform and ‘made the balanced budget possible.’”
Bill Clinton had a relatively successful presidency, accomplishing a balanced budget and welfare reform, because he moved toward the Republican position. They didn't move toward him. Consequently, it was pretty easy to pass those things and get him to sign them.

Obama is such a liberal ideologue he just can't find it within him to move toward the GOP on anything. Consequently, his presidency will be a failure.  The GOP will not sign on to more big spending/big government plans.  They're dead on arrival.  If Obama wants to have any successes in his remaining term he must move toward the GOP.


Nathaniel Balcom said...

I agree with your comments about Mr. Clinton, however, I call it compromise and President Obama will not be reelected unless he learns quickly the meaning of that word. Of course the Republicans could use a little refresher course too.

Nightingale said...

What an ego is Mr Clinton.

AFWIW, compromising basic economics is what got us all in this mess in the first place.

I'm done with compromising.

Sam L. said...

Fortunately, The Won is just too spamt to compromise.