HolyCoast: Has the Auto Bailout Affected Buying Decisions?

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Has the Auto Bailout Affected Buying Decisions?

Yes it has, with nearly 1 in 5 Ford buyers saying they bought Fords specifically because the company didn't take the bailout (from Don Surber):
The Rasmussen Poll asked likely voters: “Have You or Anyone in Family Bought Car from Ford Because Didn’t Take Government Bailout?”

19% said yes, including 33% of the people 18-29 — and 28% of black voters — and 32% of government workers.

Those are three prime electoral blocs for President Obama and a significant percentage of them are buying Ford because of the bailout. To be fair, this began on President Bush’s watch but President Obama enthusiastically embraced the bailout and bragged about its “success,” although the money has not been completely paid back.

25% said yes when asked “Has Bailout and Government Takeover of GM Caused You or Anyone You Know to Avoid Buying GM Car?”

The demographics varied little, however.

Rasmussen also asked: “Does Fact that GM Took Bailout Money Make You More/Less Likely to Buy GM Car?”

50% said less likely — just 4% said more likely.

To the question “Ford Didn’t Take Bailout Funding. Make You More/Less Likely to Buy from Ford?” — 51% said more likely and 12% said less likely.
I can't see myself buying GM or Chrysler again, not with the unions having been handed a large share of company ownership at the expense of bondholders. That's not the American way that I believe in.

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