HolyCoast: Blacks Urged to Vote for Obama Because "He is a Black Man"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blacks Urged to Vote for Obama Because "He is a Black Man"

This is racism, pure and simple:
For several months, radio host Tom Joyner has pleaded with his 8 million listeners to get in line behind the first black president.

“Stick together, black people,” says Joyner, whose R&B morning show reaches one in four African American adults.

The Rev. Al Sharpton, an ally of President Obama who has a daily radio show and hosts a nightly cable television program, recently told the president’s black critics, “I’m not telling you to shut up. I’m telling you: Don’t make some of us have to speak up.”

Even as Obama and his campaign play down the suggestion that support among African Americans is flagging, a cadre of powerful allies is snapping back at critics in the black community and making explicit appeals for racial loyalty.

“Let’s not even deal with the facts right now. Let’s deal with just our blackness and pride — and loyalty,” Joyner wrote on his BlackAmericaWeb.com blog. “We have the chance to re-elect the first African-American president, and that’s what we ought to be doing. And I’m not afraid or ashamed to say that as black people, we should do it because he’s a black man.”
There's more overt racism in the rest of the article.

I really don't know what these people are worried about. Obama could reinstate slavery and still get 95% of the black vote. I don't see anything changing that, even Herman Cain.

Can you imagine the outrage if say Mitt Romney is the nominee and a Mormon church official states that Mormons should support him just because of his religion? Or even better, if various leaders were to suggest they vote for Romney because he's white and we should stick with our "racial loyalty"?

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