HolyCoast: Bloomberg Will Let the Loons of Lower Manhattan Stay As Long As They Want - #OccupyWallStreet

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bloomberg Will Let the Loons of Lower Manhattan Stay As Long As They Want - #OccupyWallStreet

I was under the impression that the land the anti-capitalism protesters are camped on is private property, and if true, Mayor Mike Bloomberg has no authority to grant them indefinite rights to stay:
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday that he’ll allow the Wall Street protesters to stay indefinitely, provided they abide by the law, marking his strongest statement to date on the city’s willingness to let demonstrators occupy a park in Lower Manhattan.

“The bottom line is – people want to express themselves. And as long as they obey the laws, we’ll allow them to,” said Bloomberg as he prepared to march in the Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue. “If they break the laws, then, we’re going to do what we’re supposed to do: enforce the laws.”

Bloomberg said he has “no idea” how much longer the Wall Street demonstration will last. “I think part of it has probably to do with the weather,” he said.
The good news is rain is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday which means some of these people will finally get a shower. However, I can't believe a wet hippie encampment is going to be an improvement over a dry one.

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Larry said...

In other words; an angry mob is being given government approval to seize private property. They're testing the waters to see if there is any push-back. No push-back will lead to more of the same.