HolyCoast: Medical Marijuana Contributing to a Whole New Wave of Crime

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Medical Marijuana Contributing to a Whole New Wave of Crime

Be careful when somebody offers you a brownie:
Three senior citizens were hospitalized after eating medical marijuana brownies while at a memorial service, according to police.

Huntington Beach police posted on their Facebook page that three seniors in their 70s and 80s from Huntington Beach and Newport Beach were admitted to Hoag Hospital on Saturday complaining of "nausea, dizziness, and inability to stand unassisted" after eating the brownies.

The three had been at a memorial service of a mutual friend earlier in the day, police reported.
"At the service, a tray of brownies were offered that has since been determined to have contained 'medical' marijuana," police reported. "No one was told the brownies contained the marijuana before they were consumed."

Police reported this was one of two recent incidents that highlight "the importance of understanding the impacts of marijuana, irrespective of the concept of 'medical' marijuana."

A resident reported on Friday that two people had been robbed at gunpoint in front of his home in the 20700 block of Mataro Lane, according to the Facebook report.

Police found the victims of the robbery were medical marijuana dealers: a 35-year-old man from Anaheim and a 25-year-old woman from Garden Grove.

The victims told police they were delivering to potential patients who said they lived in a nearby home.

The suspects took $1,500 in marijuana along with the victims' cellphones and keys.
Back in 1988 I was on a Midwest tour with a quartet when some Missouri friends of our lead singer decided to offer the group some brownies with chocolate Ex-lax baked in. Fortunately I didn't have any, but a couple of the guys did and one ended up having to see a doctor in Oklahoma a couple of days later because of dehydration and other problems.

But back to "medical" marijuana - it's still illegal, even though the state "legalized" it.  Under federal law, which supersedes state law, ALL marijuana is illegal.  The Feds have given California medical marijuana dispensaries 45 days to shut down or face prosecution.

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"Revenge Of The Hash Brownies", now playing at a hospital near you.